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NY Weekly

    You can relax and rest in our quiet and safe rooms, you can prepare your own meals in a clean and safe environment for a low cost.

    The room is equipped with a washing machine, dryer, cutlery and household items, all of which are available at no additional cost, there are no additional fees as in other hotels.

Come to Okinawa and stay at NY Weekly, we are waiting for you.

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Information about Weekly rooms

Recommended point 1​

Enriched surrounding environment

There are many convenient facilities in the area!

You can live very comfortably!


NY Weekly

190-1-NY Yagibaru, Yaese-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa NY Building 202

Toll free number: 0120-111-707

Phone number: 098-840-7666
Fax: 098-840-7669​

Emergency contact: 070-4132-1576

Mail address:

Business hours 8: 30-19: 00

​ Various credit cards and various QR payments can be used

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