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NY rental car

NY Rent-A-Car thoroughly cleans, disinfects, and maintains carefully selected used cars, and even in the event of an accident, the liability exemption guarantee fee is included in the basic rate.

You can rent a car safely and securely at a low price.
In addition, all models are equipped with navigation, drive recorder (some models are not equipped), and ETC.
We will pick you up from the airport, so you can transfer smoothly, so please use it for outings and business trips.
Let's enjoy the drive in Okinawa!

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Models available

Commitment to NY rental cars

・ Lend a cheap rental car at our shop!
・ Thorough maintenance is performed and each unit is carefully finished!

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Easy and easy ♪

Complete from reservation to use with your smartphone!
We also accept reservations over the phone.


* When you come to the store *

① What to bring
Present the driver's license of all the drivers (a copy has been obtained)

② Prepaid usage fee
The usage fee is prepaid.
You can pay by cash or credit card.


* Departure / return *

① At the time of departure
Please fill in the rental contract.
Please check with the staff for any scratches or defects on the rental car.
Children under the age of 6 are required to wear a child seat when boarding.

Paid rental goods are also available.
Please speak to the staff.


② When returning
Please return it with a full tank because it is rented out.
If the tank is full and cannot be returned, we will settle the payment at the amount specified by us.
If you wish to extend the loan, please be sure to contact us.
When you return the car, we will check again for any scratches or defects on the rental car.


● Insurance / compensation details

Personal insurance   Maximum amount per person   80 million yen Objective insurance   Maximum amount per case   2 million yen (no exemption)
Passenger insurance   Maximum amount per person   5 million yen

* This does not apply to cases such as violation of our rent contract, disclaimer of insurance contract, or failure to obtain police accident certificate. be careful.
* For compensation that exceeds the above, we recommend that you take out insurance at your discretion. (Vehicle compensation, deductible compensation system, etc.)

● Non-operation charge (NOC)

If the rental car needs to be repaired or cleaned for reasons attributable to the customer,
In addition to repair costs and cleaning costs, the following amount will be borne as "operating compensation (non-operation charge)".
・ If the vehicle is self-propelled and returned to the sales office ¥ 30,000 

● Cancellation of reservation 

If you cancel your reservation, you will be charged the following "Reservation Cancellation Fee". 
In addition, if you do not contact us within 1 hour after the borrowing start time of the reservation on the day, the reservation will be cancelled.

7 days before reservation boarding ... Free  
6 to 3 days before the reserved boarding ... 20% of the basic fare  
2 days to the day before the reserved boarding ... 30% of the basic fare  
After the reserved boarding date: 50% of the basic fare  
Cancellation fee upper limit ¥ 1,500 (excluding tax)

● Notes  

* Fuel will be rented at full capacity, so please return it at full capacity.
If the vehicle is returned without refueling due to circumstances, we will settle the fare at the fuel cost x travel kilometer equivalent rate set by us.

This fee will be higher than the actual refueling amount. Please note. 
* If you extend the contract period, you will be charged the specified excess charge.
* If you should have an accident, please report it to the police regardless of the size of the accident.
* The "parking violation penalty" stipulated in Article 18 of the loan agreement is 25,000 yen, and the "parking violation fee" is 55,000 yen.
* Everything related to lending is based on the "Lending Agreement".

NY car rental

190-1-NY Yagibaru, Yaese-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa NY Building 202

Toll free number: 0120-111-707

Phone number: 098-840-7666
Fax: 098-840-7669​

Emergency contact: 070-4132-1576

Email address

Business hours 8: 30-19: 00

​ Various credit cards and various QR payments can be used

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